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Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission (FELM)

  • PA 6
  • Collection
  • 1876 - 1997

The Finnish Missionary Society (FMS, Suomen Lähetysseura, SLS in Finnish) was founded in January 1859. FELM operates in about 30 countries on five continents. FELM employs 350 staff members, of whom 220 work in mission’s capacities in about 20 countries. In 1868 FMS sent its first team of missionaries to Ovamboland in present-day Namibia, where they arrived in 1870. Since 1985, FMS has been known in English as the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission, abbreviated FELM. It is the largest Lutheran mission organization in Finland.

FELM - Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission

du Pisani Collection

  • PA 2
  • Collection
  • 1935 - 1991

The collection, with some documents going as far back as 1935, is mostly concentrated on the 1960s, 1970s up to Namibia’s independence. It comprises of many official publications of the South African Government, newspaper cuttings, conference papers, periodicals and journal articles referring to aspects of Namibia in pre-independence period. It holds an extensive collection of academic papers on Namibian history and aspects relating to the struggle for independence. The collection pays a special focus on Namibia’s unique international legal status, and the activities of the various internal political parties (DTA, SWAPO, SWAPO-Democrats, SWANU, FCN, UNITAG, Republican, Namibia National Front, United Party,) in the independence process, particularly the Multi-Party Conference, the Transitional Government, the role of the United Nations, Resolution 435, and the lead-up campaign to the independence elections of 1989. Gathered together for the student of Namibian political history, is an irreplaceable collection of party manifestos, declarations, principles, and standpoints on burning issues of the time. The collection also has a tape recording of speeches given by various politicians of the Transitional Government as well as election posters of the parties, flags and other small items used by the parties during campaign. The collection is mainly in English but also contains some documents in Afrikaans and German. The descriptions have been done in the language that the document is made of.

du Pisani, Prof. A.

Tjitendero collection

  • PA 3
  • Collection
  • 1962 - 1994

The collection holds various publications (books, serials, SWAPO papers, conference papers, news papers, news paper cuttings, personal papers, government publications and UNIN publication). Because of Tjitendero's intensive work with UNIN, most of this collection is related to UNIN .

Tjitendero, DR Mose Penaani

Katjavivi collection

  • PA 1
  • Collection
  • 1965 - 1988

The collection, covering the period 1965 to 1988 (but also holding some documents from as far back as 1915) consists mainly of SWAPO documents on activities in and outside Namibia during the time for the struggle for the liberation of Namibia (See summary of classes below). Among other things, the collection richly covers background information on Namibia, and the history of the struggle, including the general struggle for liberation in the southern African region. The collection also gives insight to the diverse ethnic groups in Namibia and the varying cultural differences which also influenced the way the struggle was carried out. The issues of the education system in Namibia, and the role of women in the struggle are also covered in this collection. The role of the church during the war is also widely covered, as well as conflicts within the SWAPO party. The impact of Germany occupation is widely covered. The collection also holds a lot of SWAPO publicity and campaign material and press statements during the war and at the time of transition to independence. The role of the United Nations in Namibia’s liberation is also widely covered. The collection also holds a lot of SWAPO reports, and those of commissions of inquiry as well as other reports from other bodies and individuals on Namibia. Cuttings from various newspapers on events in Namibia or relating to Namibia especially during the 1970s and 1980s form a significant part of this collection. The collection also contains various other publications some by SWAPO but others by other organizations reporting on the struggle for the liberation of Namibia. Theses relating to Namibia are also part of the collection. The collection consists of 81 boxes or 20 cubic feet of documents.

Katjavivi, P.H. Prof.

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