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Henderson collection

  • PA 5
  • Collection
  • 1970-9-18 - 2001

The Thelma Henderson collection of some 3-400 items covers the influential period of educational development from 1974 to 2001. It includes documents on colonial education, education in South West Africa, Namibia’s education problems, education and language plans for an independent Namibia. It also covers the history of the country including the fight for freedom. The liberation struggle as well as SWAPO’s literacy campaign efforts are some of the topics found in the collection. Issues of manpower development, adult learning, role of language in development and transition needs and requirements for Namibia are included. Furthermore, the documents also refer to issues of language policy for the country and the consideration of using English as a medium of communication as well as an examination of English proficiency in Namibia. Other notable areas covered by the collection include the work of the United Nations and the UNIN on Namibian education and general development; mobilization of resources; English curriculum and syllabus; research reports on education matters; wages and salaries for the education profession; English teacher training and seminars on education in Namibia. The collection also holds documents on plans to establish an institution for higher learning in Namibia which resulted in the formation of UNAM.

Henderson, Mrs. Thelma

Katjavivi collection

  • PA 1
  • Collection
  • 1965 - 1988

The collection, covering the period 1965 to 1988 (but also holding some documents from as far back as 1915) consists mainly of SWAPO documents on activities in and outside Namibia during the time for the struggle for the liberation of Namibia (See summary of classes below). Among other things, the collection richly covers background information on Namibia, and the history of the struggle, including the general struggle for liberation in the southern African region. The collection also gives insight to the diverse ethnic groups in Namibia and the varying cultural differences which also influenced the way the struggle was carried out. The issues of the education system in Namibia, and the role of women in the struggle are also covered in this collection. The role of the church during the war is also widely covered, as well as conflicts within the SWAPO party. The impact of Germany occupation is widely covered. The collection also holds a lot of SWAPO publicity and campaign material and press statements during the war and at the time of transition to independence. The role of the United Nations in Namibia’s liberation is also widely covered. The collection also holds a lot of SWAPO reports, and those of commissions of inquiry as well as other reports from other bodies and individuals on Namibia. Cuttings from various newspapers on events in Namibia or relating to Namibia especially during the 1970s and 1980s form a significant part of this collection. The collection also contains various other publications some by SWAPO but others by other organizations reporting on the struggle for the liberation of Namibia. Theses relating to Namibia are also part of the collection. The collection consists of 81 boxes or 20 cubic feet of documents.

Katjavivi, P.H. Prof.

Tjitendero collection

  • PA 3
  • Collection
  • 1962 - 1994

The collection holds various publications (books, serials, SWAPO papers, conference papers, news papers, news paper cuttings, personal papers, government publications and UNIN publication). Because of Tjitendero's intensive work with UNIN, most of this collection is related to UNIN .

Tjitendero, DR Mose Penaani

Williams Collection

  • PA 7
  • Collection
  • 1985 - 1994

The Williams collection contains materials which relate to the development of education in Namibia. Through the work of the Commission on Higher Education, the collection documents the plans for education in a new independent Namibia including the establishment of the University of Namibia. The materials in the collection mostly constitute raw documents that were collected by the Commission as part of its consultation. All are paper documents.

Williams, Prof. Peter

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