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Various articles with no specific theme: 1977 - 1991, Washington stops fighting itself over South Africa’ by Simon Barber, 1989 - Kommentaar op “Self-determination in African politics” by Dr GS Labuschagne, n.d. - ‘Self-determination in African politics’ by WJ Breytenbach – comments by Andre du Pisani, n.d. - ‘Self-determination in African politics’ by WJ Breytenbach, 1978 - ‘Prospects for a settlement in Namibia: a note on South Africa’s perceptions towards Namibian decolonization and independence’ by André du Pisani, 1980 - Published: Strategy Research – Confidential Report, vol. 1, Nov. 1977 - SWA/Namibia: the politics of fragmentation’ by André du Pisani, 1978 - ‘A survey of the diplomatic efforts to reach an internationally acceptable solution to the Namibian problem in 1980 – an overview’ by André du Pisani, n.d. - ‘Namibia: on Brinkmanship, conflict and self-interest – the collapse of the UN-plan’ by André du Pisani, n.d. - ‘Namibia – some reflections on scenario generation’ by André du Pisani, n.d. -

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