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Various articles with no specific theme: 1950 - 1990, - SWA/Namibia: Rudimentary Fact(s) & Figures by André du Pisani, n.d. - Hunt for dissidents (Zimbabwe) in Africa no. 109, Sept 1980 - Sudliches Afrika, from Africa Post, Feb 1979 - Wir warden die Macht nicht teilen – Spiegel – Interview mit SWAPO-Chef Sam Nujoma, 31 July 1978 - Namibia: Nach der Wahl..Was dann?, from Africa Post, Mar 1978 - Fur die demikratische Zukunft Namibias, from Africa Post, Oct 1978 - Suidwesafrika/Namibia - Die veerigtinde en Bevindindinge vam die komitee Ingestel in Terme van artikel 3 (3) (a)van Proklamasie - ‘Repercussions: Zambia, Rhodesia and South West Africa’ by Prof. B Cockram - 23rd Regular Session of the United Nations General assembly (1968), April 1969 - Notes and comments – the legal status of Walvis Bay, from the South African Yearbook of International Law, vol. 2, 1976 PA 2/2/4 ARTICLES (Cont.) - Documents on Walvis Bay - ‘Political origins of the NIEO’ by Richard E Bissell - South West Africa (Namibia): a human ta

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